What mattered most to Bridal Fest Brides

I love everything about being a wedding photographer! And one of those things is talking to couples. So needless to say, I had a blast at Bridal Fest getting to talk to so many couples (and their amazing friends and families)

This time I really wanted to check in with couples and see what was most important for them when it comes to wedding photography, so I asked everyone I talked to. “What do you feel is most important about wedding photography?”

I was happy to discover most of the couples I talked to, value the same things that I do!!

There were several good responses, but the top 3 were:

3) To know what to do when I’m in front of the camera.

I like to use what is called an un posed approach. I put my couples in a pretty place, with good lighting, set up the pose and then take a beautiful picture. After I get this “safe shot” that’s really where the fun begins. I will ask my couples to do something unexpected, for example I might ask your fiance to whisper in your ear (in their most sexy voice) what they had for breakfast. This usually will cause both of you to laugh and we end up with natural and genuine smiles that really capture your relationship and true emotion. It is more fun this way and far more relaxed while still allowing my couples to be themselves.

Beautiful Picture

Beautiful Picture

Picture with Emotion

Picture with Emotion


2) The quality of the images.

I feel that the quality of wedding pictures is a huge deal! I value it so much I have invested a lot into my equipment. I have top of the line cameras, lenses and lighting to handle any situation that may come up. Not only quality but I offer quantity as well. I will never limit anyone on the amount of pictures I deliver. I could never pick which moments don’t make the cut, and you shouldn’t have to either.

RMW Photo Video1RMW Photo Video-1502-Edit.JPG

1) Just capturing everything…. like candid and formal pictures!

This right here is what drives me!!!! I absolutely love to capture the memories, all of them! The little details, the big moments, the little moments, the laughs, the tears….., all the things that happen on this amazing day! I am constantly scanning and looking for things to capture. I work really hard on a wedding day. I go home exhausted and many times can hardly move the next day. But it is so important for me to deliver a collection that helps my couples relive one of the biggest days of their lives, I do what it takes. It’s my job, and I love every bit of it.

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RMW Photo Video-163.JPG
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