Coral's Birthday Bash and Surprise Proposal

I have said it a million times, I LOVE being a wedding photographer!!! Every last bit of it. Capturing and telling couples stories is truly amazing.

This couples story is especially exciting for me, as I got the amazing opportunity to be a part of of it so early on!

I got a text Friday from an awesome lady saying her daughter was having a birthday bash cruise and there would be a possible "surprise" proposal. With everything going on she hadn't thought about a photographer until earlier that day, her hairstylist asked if she had one!

Captain Shaun with Lake Couer d'Alene Cruises did an amazing job! The lake was beautiful and weather of course was perfect!

About 30 minutes into the cruise it was showtime. Matt made sure to have the perfect song playing and we told Coral we just wanted a picture with her and Matt with the nice background. Corals face was priceless!

The rest of the cruise was fantastic! We enjoyed champagne toasts, cigars, beautiful scenery, and plenty of hugs and smiles from everyone.

A big congrats to Coral and Matt and their family! I am so excited to see even more of their special story unfold!

Rebecca WilcoxComment