Nikki and Wes: The Force is Strong With These Two

After a year of planning, this sweet couple celebrated their perfect day at the beautiful Bella Rose Estate. They say rain on your wedding day is good luck, which is great, because the rainfall on the morning of their wedding most definitely brought them plenty of luck! Nikki and Wes covered every little detail with total elegance, from their personal written vows to the romantic bubbles that followed them down the aisle, and again during their first dance. It was no surprise their reception was a blast, with the help of DJ Chris from Birkett Entertainment keeping the party going with plenty of dancing. 

They had a very specific request for a composite picture. They envisioned holding light sabers with a Star Wars backdrop. The venue had an open dirt field in the back that turned out to be a fantastic blank slate. 

Check out the final result below! 

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