Wedding at Aldea Talaquepaque

I first met Morgan last June and it was friends at first sight! Her, Her mom and I sat and chatted about the new build venue and all the ideas she had. Many months later Morgan called me in a panic saying the venue was not going to open in time for her wedding date! To say the least this is not good news for a bride that has already ordered invitations!! We talked about her style and options and even toured a venue together, which was totally fun! I don't always get to go venue shopping. She settled on the beautiful Aldea Talaquepaque. Great choice!

Morgan and Chase's wedding day was a beautiful June day. We started off by grabbing tons of fun getting ready shots, thoughtful gifts, and joyful tears.

These two were so cute with the first look. I don't know who was more excited though Mom, sister or Morgan. I do however know Chase was most excited to see Morgan!

After a quick show off and pic of the sport team socks, we headed off for some pictures of just the bride and groom.

A few fun shots with the bridal party and then off to freshen up before the ceremony.

I think many brides figure that something might not go according to plan, but I don't think any bride thinks the strap of her dress is going to rip off 10 minutes before she is supposed to walk down the isle. Thankfully mom came prepared with a sewing kit and Auntie was able to stitch the strap back on fairly quick. I love the look on Morgan's face while her aunt is sewing her strap back on. Right as the strap was about finished one of the bridesmaids suggested they pray together. It was such a sweet moment of togetherness, and support. It made me tear up a little.

I absolutely LOVE! when a couple puts little touches of individuality into their special day. Morgan and Chase had quite a few. From a guitarist for their ceremony to a violinist that played while Morgan walked down the isle. They even made sure the "ring security" had all the gear including a briefcase and an earpiece. The most special personal touch for them both was their officiant who was Morgan's grandmother. She has played a special role in Morgan's life and it was only fitting that she was the one to join these two in marriage.

It was a beautiful ceremony from beginning to end!

Their reception was amazing! They had a romantic first dance, great speeches a gorgeous cake and my personal favorite a sweets table. Chase and I share a love of sweets. Yay!

We snuck out for a few night shots, and I am so glad we did!

I always get excited when a couple is going to do a sparkler exit. Not only do we get some really amazing pictures, It allows for a couple to have one last dance all by themselves. It is so romantic and I feel slightly intrusive photographing such a private event, but the pictures are always so worth it! Beautiful!!

Congratulations Morgan and Chase! Adam and I loved every minute of our exciting day with you! Good Luck in Boston!

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